Working with me you will find a therapist who:

Believes that there is hope in every situation. Together with your desire to change and my clinical training and expertise I believe we can create positive changes in your life.

Helps you look at the big picture. In the midst of our struggles it is sometimes hard to see beyond our circumstances. Taking a step back from our current situation can help us see things in a new way which brings about hope and change.

Creates a treatment plan specifically designed for you that includes:

  • Defining your goals and changes you want to see in your life
  • Teaching you skills that will reduce negative symptoms and provide you with a sense of peace
  • Empowering you to let go of the past and embrace your purpose

Has specialized training and experience in working with couples, families, and individuals. An educational background in Marriage and Family Therapy provides me with the ability to help you restore relationships, connect how past and current relationships are impacting your distress, look at ways to build a positive support system, and teach you new skills to increase your quality of life.

Creates an collaborative environment. I offer you my clinical training and experience and you offer expertise on what helps you thrive and your needs. By working together, we can create the changes you desire.

Believes in you. I believe that you are a valuable and loveable person. We all struggle at times and it takes a lot of courage to take the first step in saying that you need help. I am honored to work with you and embrace a future full of promise and hope.