About me

My name is Audrey Hines and I am an Omaha-metro based counselor. I am licensed as a Provisional Mental Health Practitioner in the state of Nebraska. I graduated in 2016 from Liberty University with a Masters of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy. My education has provided me with the ability to work with individuals, families, and couples. When I work you with, I take into account how your relationships, environment, and current symptoms are affecting your overall wellbeing.

Being born and raised in the Midwest, I understand the challenges of being able to find counseling services in rural areas. For this reason, I am offering counseling services online via videoconferencing. I believe that everyone should have access to mental health services no more where you are located, your access to transportation, or ability to find childcare. Online counseling provides the additional benefit of increased confidentiality as you can attend counseling in the privacy of your own home.

Curious about how online counseling works? Contact me today to get your questions answered.