“Difficult roads

often lead to beautiful destinations. Have the courage to take that first step”


Are anxious or depressive thoughts or feelings dragging you down? Do you want to feel closer to your partner or improve your communication? Does it feel like life is passing you by and there is nothing you can do? You would like to seek help, but cannot find child care, transportation, or counseling services in your area?

You can get the help you so desperately desire through online counseling. I believe that we all struggle at times in our lives and that counseling helps us to create positive changes in our lives. I offer counseling services via videoconference to individuals and couples who reside in the state of Nebraska. With your desire to change, therapy with me can help you increase positive feelings, learn new ways of interacting with your partner and be better equipped to face life’s challenges.

Ready to take the next step towards a more peaceful mind, book an appointment today. Evening and weekend appointments are available!


Audrey Hines